Hailing from Virginia, 7th Grade Girl Fight is a captivating band that skillfully blends garage pop and indie rock to create a distinct and infectious sound. Their music has garnered a devoted following due to its fun and intelligent approach, as well as their energetic performances and catchy songs. 

Led by the Debra Guy, the band is renowned for their authentic brand of indie pop, executed with precision and passion. Their latest album, "Someone Will Be With You Shortly," released in May 2023, exemplifies their ability to strike a balance between exuberant energy and thoughtful songwriting. Critics have acclaimed the emotional soundscape crafted by Debra Guy, the band's infectious hooks, and the catchy post-punk beats that accompany intimate conversations. 

Reviewers have characterized 7GGF's music as mature, meaningful, and multifaceted. They seamlessly merge pop and punk influences to create a sound that is both familiar and fresh. With relatable lyrics, heartfelt aesthetics, and a touch of folk-inspired edge, the band has established themselves as boundary-pushing artists within the indie rock genre.

7GGF is Debra Guy, Drew Pompano, JJ Williams, and Brian Wiltz.